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The future of Coutinho at Barcelona is uncertain. – Valverde

The future of Coutinho at Barcelona is uncertain. – Valverde is not ready to give up on the player, but he needs to be more confident in his team selection.
The team has been without Messi for a long time, so it’s not surprising that the Argentine doesn’t feel comfortable in the starting lineup.
However, the Catalan club is not in the situation of a relegation fight, so the situation is not critical.
Barcelona is a team that can be successful in the Champions League.
In the last season, the team managed to win the tournament, which is a good result for the club.

However the main goal of the club is to win La Liga, and the team needs to strengthen the position of the main star.
This is why the club has to find a good solution for the situation.
Will Coutinho stay at Barcelona?
The club is in a difficult situation, because the team has to play in the Primera.
It is obvious that the situation with Messi is not optimal, but the Argentine is still the main player of the team.
Valverde has repeatedly said that the team must not lose its head, because this is the key to victory in the tournament.
If the team fails to achieve this, then the club will be in a serious situation.
The situation with Coutinho is not the best, but it is still possible for the team to achieve good results.
Therefore, the club needs to find the right solution for this situation. It is obvious, that the player will not stay at the club, because he wants to win gold medals in the international arena.
Despite the fact that the club can’ t afford to lose Coutinho, the player can be a good alternative for Messi.
Main Significance of the Season in the International Arena
The season in the domestic arena is coming to an end, and it is time to look for the main goals of the Catalan team. The main goal is to get into the Champions league zone.
There are a lot of teams that are trying to get to the playoffs, but Barcelona is not one of them.
Now the team is in the middle of the standings, and if it does not improve its position, then it will be very difficult to get a place in the playoffs.
Many fans are waiting for the end of the season, because they want to see the final match of the campaign.
That is why it is very important for the Catalan squad to get the result of the matches in the next round.
All the best results of the previous matches will be important for them, because now the team can get into a more advantageous position.
At the moment, the main task of the Catalans is to finish in the top 4.
They have a lot to do, but they have already managed to do it.
So far, the Catalons have a good chance of getting into the playoffs and of getting to the next stage of the tournament in the best possible way.
You can always follow the results of Barcelona on the website of sports statistics.
How to Follow the Results of the Champions Leagues
The Champions League is the most prestigious club tournament of the Old Continent.
Every year, the teams from the Old World play against each other in the most important club tournament in Europe.
Of course, the Champions trophy is the main event of the European season, but there are other games that are equally important.
These are the games of the Europa League and the League Cup.
Each year, there are a few matches in these tournaments that are of particular interest to fans.
One of the most popular games of this season is the match between Liverpool and Roma.
Both teams have a great chance of finishing in the first position of their groups.
Liverpool has a good opportunity to get out of the group stage and get into one of the playoffs; the Reds can play in one of these playoffs. However, the Reds are not in a good shape, because many of their leaders are injured.
Roma has a better chance of winning the group, because it has a number of leaders who can play.
Moreover, the Roma team has a strong bench, which allows the club to rotate its players.
For this reason, the game can be won by Liverpool.
Thus, the match can be called a decisive match for the Reds.
Who Will Win in the Match Between Liverpool and Rome?
Liverpool is a great team, which can win the match.
But the Reds have a number problems, which are the following:
1. Weak bench.
2. Unstable lineup. The Reds have to play with a number players who are not always 100%.
3. Lack of motivation.
4. Injuries of the leaders.
5. Lackadaisical playing style of the Reds that allows them to get through the group stages.
On the other hand, Roma has a great lineup, which gives the team a chance to win.
Among the leaders of the Roma squad, there is a number that can play well in the match with Liverpool. These are:
* Milinkovic-Bavas;
* Gagliardini;
* Ciro Immobile;
* Daniele De Rossi.
As a result, the chances of the Roman team are good.

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