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The future of Neymar at PSG is uncertain. – Emery

The transfer of Neymer to Paris Saint-Germain has already caused a lot of problems for the club. However, the Brazilian has not been the main star of the team.
The club has already started to find a replacement for the player who has left the team for the first time in his career.
Neymar has not left the club, but he has not played as a main player.
This is not the first transfer of the club that has caused a big problem for the management.
In the summer, the club tried to sign the young Brazilian forward Ederson. However the player did not meet the expectations of the management and the club decided to sell him.
However, the transfer of Ederson did not bring the desired results.
After the transfer, the team lost its main striker, and the situation worsened.

The main problem of the French team is the lack of stability. The team has a number of players who can play different positions, but they are not always ready to do so.
Also, the players who are not ready to play in the defensive line, are often injured.
Despite the problems, the management of PSG has not given up.
It is now trying to find the solution to the problem of stability and to solve the problems of the transfer market.
Emery has already given some positive results. He has already managed to get the necessary number of substitutions in the matches.
Now, the coach is trying to get more and more stable players, who can help him to achieve the desired result.
Will Neymar leave the club?
The player has already left the Parisian club, and it is not known whether he will leave the team permanently or not.
For the club this is a good opportunity to get a new striker, who will help the team to achieve its goals.
One of the main goals of the Parisians is to win the Champions League.
They have already managed this, but it is still not enough for the team, which needs to win a lot more trophies.
At the moment, the main problem is the instability of the lineup of the PSG.
Many players are not able to perform in the Champions league.
Therefore, the Paris club needs to find new solutions to achieve their goals.
Will the transfer from Neymar affect the results of the season?
Of course, the player’s departure will affect the result of the current season. However this is not a guarantee that the team will be able to win all the trophies. The team still needs to improve its lineup and to find its own solutions to the problems.
Of the main problems of PSL, the instability is the most obvious.
There are many players who have not yet found their form.
Thus, the current campaign of the Ligue 1 is very unstable.
All the teams are trying to win gold medals, but the struggle for the title is not over yet.
So far, the leaders of the league are:
* Lyon;
* Montpellier;
* Marseille.
Each of these teams has a good lineup, which allows them to achieve good results. However there are still a lot to do.
PSG will have to fight for the champion title, but not for the long run.
If the team does not succeed in the next season, it will be a real blow to its prestige.
Where can the team find stability?
In order to achieve stability, the PSL needs to make some changes.
Among the most important changes are:
1. The transfer of many players.
2. A better selection of players in the lineup.
3. Better training.
4. Longer bench.
These are the main changes that the management is trying.
But it is impossible to make all of them at once.
First of all, it is necessary to get rid of the problems that have been caused by the transfer.
Then, it should be decided what to do with the players that have already left.
Some of them are: Neymar, Mbappe, Di Maria, Firmino.
As for the others, it depends on the club’s needs.
A good example of this is the situation of the young forward Mbappé.
He has already joined the Paris team, but his transfer has not yet been completed.
His future is still unknown, but there are a lot who can be considered as potential replacements for him. These include:
1) Mbappè’s club;
2) Mbahin;
3) Djourou.
Mbappé is a young player, who has already shown good results in the LFP.
Due to this, the French club is interested in him. However it is also necessary to consider the fact that the club has a lot other players who could be considered potential replacements.
What will happen to the team in the future?
It will be very difficult to continue to fight against the leaders in the championship.
On the one hand, the Lopetegui’s squad is very strong, but on the other hand, it lacks stability.
Moreover, the squad is not as strong as it was a few years ago.

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