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Top 5 players who could leave Liverpool this summer.
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The next step of Chelsea

The next step of Chelsea’s development will be the selection of players for the next season. The club has already managed to get a good selection of performers, but it is still not enough. The main goal of the club is to get into the Champions League zone, and the next few years will be decisive for this.
The Premier League table
The current season of the Premier League is already quite interesting. The new season promises to be even more interesting, because the main favorites of the tournament are already quite far behind.
The main favorites are:
1. Liverpool. The team has already won the Premier league for two consecutive years, and is now considered one of the main contenders for the title.
2. Manchester City. The Citizens have already won this trophy for the third time in a row, and are now considered the main favorite of the championship.
In the last season, the team of Josep Guardiola won the champion title, and managed to finish in the top-4.
However, the main goal for the team is to qualify for the Champions league.
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The team of Jurgen Klopp is considered to be one of its main rivals.
This season, Liverpool has a good chance to win the title, because it is much easier to win it with a balanced team.
You can always follow the Premier ligue on the website of sports statistics. Here you can find not only the results of the matches, but also the statistics of the players.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The season promises not only to be interesting for the fans, but to be very important for the teams. The following events are the main intrigues of this season:
* The transfer of the young players of the team. The young players are very important, because they are the future leaders of the teams and will decide the fate of the game.
* The transfer to the main rivals of the clubs.
It is very important to win in the domestic championship, because this is the main chance for the clubs to get to the Champions cup.
Also, the teams will have to fight for the places in the Champions cups.
All the information on the Premier Ligue can be found on the sports statistics website. Here, you can always find the latest information about the matches of the season, as well as the statistics and the detailed information about each club.
Live Results of Football Matches
The football season is already in full swing, and it is already clear that the main competitions will be held in all parts of the world. The fans of the sport are becoming more and more interested in the results, and they can follow the matches in real time.
Today, it is easy to follow the live football matches thanks to the Internet. The information about matches is available on the Internet, and you can use the convenient interface.
Most of the fans prefer to watch the matches on their mobile devices. This is because the mobile devices have a larger screen and are much more convenient to use.
There are many advantages of watching the live results of football matches. For example, the following:
• Good picture quality.
• Longer broadcasting time. The matches are broadcasted not only in the country, but in other parts of Europe, the United States, Australia, and other parts.
Thanks to the convenient and user-friendly interface, it has become much easier for you to follow all the results.
How to Follow the Live Results of Matches?
The Internet is a great place for you, because here you can easily find the information about all the matches. The advantages of using the Internet are:
* High-quality pictures.
For example, here you will find the results from the matches that were held in the United Arab Emirates.
If you are interested in football, then you should definitely visit the website. It is easy and convenient to find the necessary information.
Here you can also find the schedule of upcoming matches, as it is shown on the screen.
What to Expect from the Next Season
It has already become much more interesting to follow football matches, because there are a lot of competitions held in different parts of world.
One of the most important competitions is the Champions Cup. This tournament is held every year, and this year it promises to become even more exciting. The teams that are considered the favorites of this competition are: Liverpool, Manchester City, and Arsenal.
These clubs are considered to have a good chances to win this trophy. The last time the Champions tournament was held was in 2002. However, the last time was not the best for the club. The reasons for this are: the following factors:
· Lack of motivation.
· Failure to perform at the domestic arena.
Due to the fact that the club has a long bench, the players have to play a lot.
Liverpool has already been in the final of the Champions trophy twice, and in the last tournament it was the team that won it.
Arsenal has already qualified for the final once, and after that it was clear that it would not be able to win.

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