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The problem of Arsenal and Cesc Fabregas

The problem of Arsenal and Cesc Fabregas’ future is not only the transfer business, but also the lack of stability at the club. The Gunners have already managed to win the Europa League, but it is clear that the team needs to improve its results in the domestic arena.
The club’s transfer policy has recently been criticized, and the fans are demanding that the players are given a chance to prove themselves. However, the management has repeatedly refused to do this, and it is now clear that Arsenal is not a team that can be trusted.
Will the Gunners Return to Champions League?
The current season of the Champions League has been extremely successful for the Gunner’ club. They managed to qualify for the next stage of the tournament for the first time in a long time, and they managed to do it without losing a single point.
However, the main goal of the team is to get into the elite club of English football, and this is why they need to win in the Champions league again. In the current season, the Gunnarsson’es were not able to do so, but they still managed to get to the next round.
In the next season, it is very likely that the Gunnarsons will once again be able to get a ticket to the Champions’ League zone. In order to do that, the team will have to improve their results in European competitions.

The main problem of the Gunns is the instability of the lineup. This is not surprising, as the team has not been in the top-4 for a long period of time. However it is also clear that Cesc has not yet been able to fully recover from the injury.
This is why the team’ management needs to find a solution to this problem. The club needs to focus on the domestic championship, and if the Gunni’ players are able to demonstrate good results, then they will be able not only to get closer to the European Cup zone, but even to the top 4.
Arsenal’ Current Situation
The Gunners are in the middle of a difficult season, and although they managed not to lose points in the first matches, they still have a long way to go. The main problem for the team now is the lack stability in the lineup, and in the future it will be extremely difficult for the players to get along with each other.
It is obvious that the main priority for the management is to strengthen the lineup in order to get the best results. The team needs not only a new goalkeeper, but a new striker too. The problem is that the club does not have a lot of money, so it is necessary to make transfers in order not to spend too much.
At the moment, the Arsenal has a number of players who are not performing well, and as a result, the club is not able not to qualify to the playoffs. However this does not mean that the fans of the club will not be happy with the current results of the players.
What to Expect from the Gunnl Team in the Future
The season of 2019/2020 has already shown that the Arsenal is a team with a lot to prove. The current season has been quite successful for them, and now the team can expect to win trophies again. However the main thing that the management needs now is to find the right lineup for the upcoming season.
If the team manages to achieve this, then it will have a chance of getting into the top four of the English Premier League. The fans will definitely not miss the team that is able to play in the Europa league again, and that is why it is extremely important for the club to strengthen its lineup.
All the latest news about Arsenal
The team is in the midst of a tough season, but the fans can count on one thing: the Gunnis will not stop trying to win. The season of 2020/2021 will be very interesting for the fans, and even the current campaign can be called successful.
After the end of the 2018/19 season, Arsenal has already managed not only not to get relegated, but to get out of the Europa zone. The management of the Arsenal did not want to give up this result, and so, they managed also to qualify not for the Champions but for the Europa club.
Despite the fact that the season was not successful for Arsenal, the fans still have high hopes for the future. The players have already shown good results in all the competitions that they have participated in, and many of them managed to score a lot.
Thus, the future of the main star of the squad is not in doubt, as he is still able to perform well in the Premier League and in international tournaments.
How to Follow the Events of the Season in English Premier league?
In recent years, the English premier league has become more and more popular among fans. The competition in the championship has become much stronger, and there are a lot more matches that are held every weekend.
Now, it has become easier to follow the news from the championship, as a lot is available on the Internet. The English Premier championship is divided into several divisions, and each of them has its own championship.
Fans can follow the events of the championship on the website of sports statistics. Here, they will find the latest information from the world of the Premier league.

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