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Top 5 players who could leave Barcelona this summer.

In the summer, Barcelona will be in a difficult position. The team has a number of players who are not able to fulfill their potential. This is the reason why the club has to sell them. The main contenders for the exit are:
1. Messi. The Argentine is the main star of the team and he is not able, at the moment, to show the full potential of his skills.
2. Busquets. He is a good player, but he is also not able at the same time to show his maximum.
3. Benzema. He has a bad season, and the club does not have the money to buy him.
4. Rakitic. He was a great player for the club, but the price for him is too high.
5. Messi’s contract. The player wants to leave the club and the situation is not in the best shape.
The team’ situation is also complicated by the fact that the club is not a real contender for the Champions League. The club has a long list of potential candidates for the position of the main candidate for the title.

The main question is: who will buy the player?

How to find out the price of the player in the market?
The situation in the team is not very good. The players’ contracts are not very long, and it is obvious that the team will not be able to buy all of them.
However, there is a chance that the situation will change, and then the team can buy the players. The best way to find the price is to look at the data on the market. This will allow you to choose the most suitable option for you.
You can always find the information on the website of sports statistics, where all information is available in full.
Main Contenders for the Title
The club has long been considered a real candidate for winning the title of the best club in the world. This has been the main reason for the fact, that the previous season, Barcelona lost to Real Madrid.
This season, the team has the following main competitors:
* Manchester City;
* Bayern;
* Real Madrid;
* Juventus.
All of them have a long bench and are able to rotate the players in the lineup. This allows the club to be ready for any opponent.
Barcelona’ Situation
The previous season was a real success for the team. The fans loved the team, and they were able to see the team play in the Champions Cup.
After the defeat in the finals, the club was able to get a new coach, and this allowed the team to get into the top 4.
Now, the situation in Barcelona is not so good. First of all, the players have to buy new ones. The previous season the club lost a number players, and now it is not possible to find new ones for them. In addition, the main competitors of the club are not in a good shape. This makes it difficult for the players to show their maximum. The situation in La Liga is not the best.
It is obvious, that this season the team needs to strengthen the bench, and if it does not do this, then it will not have a chance to fight against the main contenders.
Who Will Buy Messi?
This summer, the most obvious candidate for buying Messi is Manchester City. The transfer of the Argentinean player is a priority for the Mancunians, and so far, the transfer of Messi is a success.
City is a real competitor of Barcelona, and there is no doubt that the Mopays will buy a player who can help the team in the fight for the champion title. The price of Messi for the Citizens is about 100 million euros.
If the club succeeds in buying Messi, then the player will be able not only to help the club in its fight for gold medals, but also to get the best contracts.
Where to Find the Latest Information
The website of the sports statistics is the best place to find information about the world of your favorite sports. Here, you will find the latest information from all over the world, and you will be sure to receive the information that is relevant to you. The information on this website is updated regularly, so you will always be aware of the latest news.
Today, it is much easier to find a lot of information on your favorite sport. It is enough to visit the website to see all the information, and to understand how the world is changing.
How the Transfer of Messi Will Affect the Team
The transfer of a player is always a priority in any transfer campaign. The Mopay’ transfer is a great example of this. The problem is that the player is not ready to leave Barcelona, so the club will have to find another solution.
There is a high probability that the transfer will be a good one, because the player has a lot to offer. The most important thing is that he will be ready to play for the main club in Spain. The cost of the transfer is about 50 million euros, and in addition to the cost, the player’ contract will cost about 10 million euros per year.
Manchester City is another contender for buying the player. The Citizens have a lot in common with the Mopsays.

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