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Top 5 players who could leave Liverpool this summer.
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Top 5 players who could leave Liverpool.

The Merseysiders are in a crisis, but it is not the crisis of the team, but the crisis within the club.
Many people believe that the team is not good enough to compete for the Champions League.
This is not true. Liverpool has a good squad and is in the Champions league.
However, the team needs to strengthen the weakest links.
In order to do this, the Reds need to strengthen their defense and midfield.
They have a good selection of players in the team.
It is enough to look at the following players to understand how serious the crisis is:
* Alisson;
* Firmino;
* Alaba;
* Suarez.
These players are not the only ones who need strengthening.
Liverpool needs to buy a new goalkeeper.
There is a good goalkeeper on the market, but he is not in the best shape.
He is not able to save the ball from the attackers, and the team loses points.
If the club does not buy a goalkeeper, then the situation will become even worse.

The Reds have a lot of problems, but they are not as serious as the ones they have in the past.
Now, the club has a chance to get out of the crisis.
But it is important to understand that the crisis in the Merseysides is not over, and there are still problems that need to be solved.
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The team needs a new coach.
Jurgen Klopp is a great coach, but many people do not like him.
That is why the team does not have a single victory in the last three years.
Klopp is a genius, but sometimes he has to change the coach, because the players do not understand him.
This season, the players are starting to understand the coach. They are starting the game more confidently, and they are scoring more goals.
At the same time, the coach is not happy with the results.
So, the situation with the team coach is complicated.
Also, the Merseiders are not in a good shape, and this is not surprising, because they have not won in a long time.
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Liverpool has a lot to do.
Despite the fact that the Mersels are not winning, the fans are not happy.
People are tired of the bad results of the club, and it is obvious that the situation is not getting better.
Fans want to see the team win, and that is why they are trying to find a new solution for the problem.
One of the solutions is to change coaches.
Such a coach is Jurgen.
Of course, Klopp is not a good choice for the team and the fans, but Klopp is still a great choice.
Other coaches have failed, but Jurgens is a real genius.
His team is playing well, and many people are beginning to believe that this season the team will be able to win the Champions Cup.
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The situation with Jurgensen is not nice.
After the defeat to Manchester United, the player was injured.
Since then, the game of the Meriders has been very unstable.
Sometimes, the results are good, and other times they are bad.
During the game, the score is not always 100%, and the game is not that interesting for the fans.
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You have a chance, because Liverpool is in a serious crisis. The team is in no shape to compete with the top European clubs.
For this reason, the management has to find the best solution for this problem. One of the best solutions is the appointment of a new head coach. The team needs someone who can help the team to win.
Among the candidates for the job, you should also consider the following names:
1. Jurgeni.
2. Javi.
3. Jorginho.
4. Klopp.
5. Guardiola.
6. Mourinho.
7. Roberto Mancini.
8. Josep Guardiola.
These coaches have won the Champions cups.
Naturally, the first two are not good for the Mersels, but there is a chance that the club will get out from the crisis and will be in the top 4 of the English Premier League.

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