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Top 5 players who could leave Liverpool this summer.
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Top 5 players who could leave Liverpool this summer.

The Reds have a long list of players who can leave the club, but only a few of them are likely to leave. The main ones are:
1. Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian striker is a key player for Liverpool, but he is not in the best form of his career. He has a contract with the club that will expire in 2020, but the club has not yet decided whether to renew it. Salah has been in excellent form for the Egyptian national team, but his contract with Liverpool is not for life.
2. Sadio Mane. The young winger is a good player for the club and is one of the main reasons why Liverpool is so strong in the English Premier League. He is also a good signing for the team, because he is a young player who can help the team in the future.
3. Firmino. The Brazilian striker is one the main leaders of the team and has a good contract with a long-term extension. He can leave Liverpool, and it is not a big problem for the Reds, because they have a lot of good players who are able to replace him.
4. Virgil van Dijk. The Dutchman is a great defender, and he is able to play in several positions. He also has a long contract with another year left.
5. Jordan Henderson. The player is a fantastic player for his position, and the club is interested in signing him. He will be able to help the club in the long run, because the team has a lot to improve.
All the players mentioned above are able of helping the team to win the Premier League title, but it is very difficult to win it. The club needs to improve its overall performance, as well as strengthen the positions where the players are weak.

The main problem of the club now is the lack of motivation. The team has recently won the Europa League, but this did not help the situation. Liverpool has a busy schedule ahead, and there is a high probability that the team will lose points in the matches against the weaker teams.
If the Reds are able not to lose points, then they can be one of those teams who can compete for the title in the next season.
Liverpool’s Prospects in the Next Season
The team is in the middle of the championship, and they have to fight against the teams from the top and from the bottom. The first round of the new season will be decisive for the fate of the title, and Liverpool needs to be at the top of the standings to be able compete for gold medals.
In the current season, the Reds have the following advantages:
* Good lineup. The squad has a great variety of players, which allows the club to play at the highest level.
* Motivation. The players have a busy season ahead, so they need to show their maximum.
It is very important for the players to win points in matches against weaker teams, because this is what will determine the fate not only of the champion title, which is very precious for the clubs, but also of the Europa league.
This season, Liverpool has an excellent opportunity to win gold medals, and this is why the team needs to do its best. The fans can expect a lot from the club this season, and if the team manages to win a lot, then it will be one step closer to the Champions League.
Live Results of Football Matches
The season is in full swing, and now the fans can follow the results of the matches with the help of the reliable website. It is easy to follow the matches thanks to the simple and convenient interface.
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Main Intrigues of Season
There are several main intrigues of the current football season. The most important ones are the following:
· The main favorites of the tournament. Liverpool is one such team that can be considered the main favorite of the Champions league. The Reds have an excellent lineup, which can be called the best in the world at the moment.
· The main losers of the recent season. Manchester City is another team that is considered a main loser of the last season. However, the team is still in the top 4 of the English championship, which means that it can compete with Liverpool for the champion trophy.
However, the main losers are: Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, and Manchester United. The reasons for this are the fact that these teams are not able to win at the same time, and because of this, they are not at the level of the top-rated clubs.
You can follow all these results on the reliable resource, and here you will find the latest news from the world of the football.
Upcoming Matches of the Season
Now it is much easier to follow matches of football. The season is very busy, and many important matches are ahead.

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