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Top 5 players who could leave Liverpool this summer.
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Top 5 players who could leave Tottenham this summer.

The Spurs have been in the Champions League for almost two decades, and this season they have a good chance to win it.
However, the team has some problems at the same time. The main one is the lack of motivation.
It is very difficult to win the Champions’ League without the motivation of winning it. Tottenham is in the middle of the group, so they need to be at the top of the standings to be able to compete with the favorites.
But the team is not at the best position. The Spurs are in the last place of the EPL table. The team has a very bad start of the season.

The main problem of the team in the EFL Cup is the fact that the team doesn’t have a strong goalkeeper.
In the Premier League, the problem is the same. The Tottenham have a very good goalkeeper, but it is not the best in the world.
If the Spurs want to compete for the title, they need a good goalkeeper. The club can get one of the best from the world, but he is not available.
So, the main thing is to improve the defense and score goals.
Will Mauricio Pochettino’s team be able?
In general, the Spurs have a pretty good season. They have a chance to get into the Champions league zone, and they have the chance to compete against the favorites of the tournament.
This season, the club has a good lineup. The first line of defense is very strong. The defense is led by the young players, who are able to quickly pass the ball to the other lines.
Also, the goalkeeper has a great game. He is able to make a lot of saves, and he is very good at it. The goalkeeper is not in the best shape, but his game is still good.
At the same, the Tottenham has a lot to improve. The squad is not very strong in the attack, so it needs to improve this part of the game.
They have a great opportunity to get a good result in the Premier league, but they need time to get there.
Where can the Spurs finish in the standings?
The Tottenham is not a team that is going to win every match, so the team needs to be in a good position in the table to be really competitive.
There is a good opportunity to do this, because the club is in a very strong position in EPL.
Despite the fact, that the Spurs are not in a great shape, they have enough chances to get to the Champions club league.
Now, the Epl table is not as important as it was in the previous season, and the Spurs can get a decent result.
Moreover, the current Tottenham is a team with a good selection of players, which allows the club to get the best out of each match.
You can always follow the latest news on the Tottenham on the sports statistics website.
Main results of the club’slive
The team has not been very active in the transfer market, but this season it is much better.
Thanks to the transfer of the young performers, the squad has a chance of getting into the top-4 of the English Premier league. Now, the coach has to find the right balance between the team’ soccer and the game of the transfer.
Of course, the transfer will not be the only thing that the coach needs to do, but the club needs to strengthen the defense.
Many of the players are not able to play in the defense, so now they need help. The coach has a list of players who can fill the gap.
Among the main candidates for the defense is the young defender, who is able play in this position.
He is the only player of the squad who is over 30. The player has already played for the team for a long time, and now he is able and motivated to do his job.
Another player of this line is the midfielder, who has already managed to become a fan favorite.
His name is Toby Alderweireld. The young player is able of playing in the center of the defense or in the left side.
Both positions are very important for the club, because now the team can focus on the game in the top 4.
After the transfer, the defense of the Spurs looks more stable. The players are able of making good passes, and it is the coach’ job to make sure that they do it. If the defense looks good, then the team will be able of getting a decent number of points.
Tottenham is a club that can compete for a place in the elite of English football. Now the team looks very good, and many of its players have already managed a good season in the team.
All the latest information on the team on the website of sports statistics.
Results of the match
The season of the Premier championship is very interesting for the fans. The current season of EPL is very important, because it will decide the fate of the champion title.
As for the Spurs, the season has already started, and already a few matches have been played. The fans can see the results of their favorite team on our website. Now it is easy to follow the results on the screen.

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