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The winner of Euro 2008 is going to play in Youth World Championship

The winner of Euro 2008 is going to play in Youth World Championship in Germany. The tournament is held every year, and this time it will be held in the summer. The list of participants includes the best national teams of the world. The main event of the tournament is the final match, in which the winner will be awarded with the gold medals.
The tournament is always very interesting for fans. The matches are held in a special arena, and the participants are not allowed to take part in the regular games. The fans can watch the matches on the Internet, and they can watch them at any time of the day.
All the latest news from the tournament
The final match of the European Championship is held on the 28th of May. The winner of the match will get the gold medal. The match is held in Munich, Germany. It is the second time the tournament has been held, and it is the first time the winner of this match is awarded with a gold medal:
* in 1990;
* again in 2002.
This year, the main event is the semifinal match. The first match ended with a score of 2:0, which was not enough for the Germans to get into the final. The second match ended in a scoreless tie, which is also not enough to get to the final round. The final match is scheduled for the 4th of June. The German team is very confident of getting into the finals, so they have already started preparations.
Fans can follow the development of the game on the website of sports statistics. Here, they can find the latest information about the match.
Teams’ positions in the tournament table
The teams that are going to the finals are:
1. Germany. This team has a good chance of getting to the gold. The team has already won the European championship in 2002, and many players have already won gold medals in the World Championship. The Germans are very confident, and their main goal is to get the final victory.
2. Great Britain. The British team is not so confident, but it is still possible that they will be able to get a place in the final stage.
3. France. The French team is a bit behind the British team, but they have a good lineup.
4. Netherlands. The Dutch team has been in the finals of the World Cup for several times, and its players are very experienced.
5. Italy. The Italian team is the strongest in the European zone, and there is a good possibility that they can get into a semifinal round.
In the tournament, the teams are divided into two groups. The teams that finish in the first place of the group stage will play against the teams that finished in the second place. The winners of the matches will move on to the next stage. The next stage of the competition will be the playoffs.
Team’s line-up in the semifinals
The semifinals of the Euro 2008 will be played on the 4 of June, and all the teams have already set their line-ups. The following teams are in the semifinals:
• Netherlands;
• Great Britain;
The Netherlands are the team that has the best chances of getting a place into the next round. They have a strong lineup, which includes:
· Jeroen Zoet;
· Jurgen van der Linden;
· Frank Ribery.
Great Britain have a very good lineup, too, but the team is still not very confident. The most likely scenario is that the team will get into another group, but this time they will have to play against Italy.
You can follow all the results of the games on the sports statistics website. Here you will find the information about all the matches that are held at the tournament.
Main results of matches
The matches that will take place in Munich on the day of the finals have already been announced. The information about them is available on the site of sports analytics. Here the fans can find information about each match, as well as the results and the statistics of the players.

The first match of this tournament is between the Netherlands and Great Britain, which will be broadcasted live on the national television. The game will last for 90 minutes, and you can watch it on the main sports statistics site.
Results of the first match
The match ended 0:0. The Netherlands won the first game of the semifinals, which means that the players have a great chance of winning the gold, too. The lineup of the Dutch team includes:
· Van der Linde;
· Jeroene Zoet.
· Marcel Dekker;
In addition to the Dutch players, the following players are also in the lineup of Great Britain:
· Gareth Barry;
· Gary Speed;
And the following:

• Chris Waddle;
It is very likely that the British will be in the next group, so the Dutch will have a tough time. The English team has an excellent lineup, and if they can win the first round, then they will not have any problems with the lineup. The last game of this round will be on the 21st of June at 19:00 CET.
Live scores of matches on a sports statistics web portal
The next match is between Great Britain and the Netherlands. This game will be shown on the British television.

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